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[39] Raylan Givens Icons/Animated Icons
[07] Justified 1x1 Animations
[08] Justified 1x3 Animations
[18] Justified 1x4 Animations
[04] Timothy Olyphant Headers
[02] Raylan Givens Headers


I can not believe I'm getting myself involved with yet another addicting show. I blame Raylan. Yes Raylan it is.


Animations: Justified 1x1
I refuse and don't want to be held responsible for murdering your internet connection, so click what interests you.
  1. Raylan Exits Court & Puts Hat On
  2. Raylan Grabs Gun Like It Was Nothing
  3. Raylan Hugs Boyd
  4. Raylan's Reaction After Taking Shot
  5. Raylan Laughing Oh So Cute
  6. Raylan Smirks
  7. Raylan Talks To Boyd

Animations: Justified 1x2 HERE

Animations: Justified 1x3
I refuse and don't want to be held responsible for murdering your internet connection, so click what interests you.
  1. Raylan Puts Tie On
  2. Raylan Is Full Of Expressions
  3. Raylan Slides With Chair
  4. Raylan's Flirty Smile With Waitress
  5. Raylan Is Full Of Expressions
  6. Raylan Is Curious
  7. Raylan Fires His Sidearm
  8. Raylan Rips Shirt Open In Pain

Animations: Justified 1x4
I refuse and don't want to be held responsible for murdering your internet connection, so click what interests you.
  1. Raylan Looking Tall, Lean, & Sexy Getting Out Of Car
  2. Raylan Going Along With Story & Laughing
  3. Raylan Has Dreamy Eyes
  4. Raylan Has A Crush On You?
  5. Raylan Thinking
  6. Raylan Laughing At Rachel
  7. Raylan Enjoying The Scene
  8. Raylan Prepares For The Best Shootout
  9. Raylan: "You Know What? I'm Gonna Change My Mind, I'm Gonna Take You First."
  10. Raylan: "You Take One More Step, I'll Shoot you. That's All I'm Gonna Say."
  11. Raylan: "You It Or Throw It Away."
  12. Raylan Going After Them
  13. Raylan Approaching With Shirt Open
  14. Raylan Givens Working The Camera
  15. Raylan: "Second Thought, Stay There!"
  16. Raylan's Hair In Face Is UNF
  17. Raylan: "Rolly You Tryin’ To Tell Me You’re Gay?"
  18. Raylan Sleeps Like A True Cowboy

Click On Images To See Full!

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Deleted comment

Thanks so much. I'm glad you like them.

Don't worry about it!
UNF! These are fantastic!

I ♥ me some Raylan Givens!
Raylan Givens...don't even know where to begin. Thank you =)
Saved soooooo many icons, and saved the second to last header for future use! Thank you!

(P.S. Do you mind if I nab some of the gifs at a later date and post them to fuckyeahjustified again?)
Of course. I don't mind at all =)
*leaves a huge amount of love for kayla*
Thanks a lot for this. They are amazing, amazing and amazing. :D
I really love them and i apreciate the work you have with this huge post.
Snagging some and credit if use.^^
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

You're welcome.

I figured I should do something to jump start this fandom. It's so amazing, the show.


7 years ago

Oh, my. I think that third banner melted my internet connection. All the animated icons are love. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Well hello matching icons!

I think Timothy should flaunt his body more...it's so lean and...UNF!

Thanks so much for your comment <3
Your icons, animations and headers are fantastic! *mems*
Thank you so much. Alex = yummy! Can't wait for TB to start!

*memming this for forever

Glad you like.
GREAT work! I love them all and the animations (which I looked at every single one--some twice, LOL). I'm show obsessed, I tell you--it's awful. All Tim's fault, no doubt. Hope you don't mind, I borrowed number 34. If I had room, I'd grab 'em all. Thank you for sharing!
Don't mind at all. The hat is so great!

Deleted comment

The Crazies was awesome I thought. I came out more impressed with Tim than the movie. *hides*

I think Tim needs to flaunt his body more, at least for my sake....

Thank you for your comment. =)

Deleted comment

Check the show out when you have time. =)

Thank you dear, you're always so kind *loves*
wow these are amazing! thank you for feeding my addiction XD
Thank you and you're welcome. =)
These are fantastic! Timothy is one beautiful man! Thank YOU! :D
Timothy is all sorts of gorgeous. Thank YOU for commenting =)
Grabbing some of this set of Justified as well. Fantastic icons!
Awesome. Thank you =)
THANK YOU!!! I need these badly, and have shared your page with friends in similar dire need of Raylan Givens.
Thank you so much. Thought I should help boost this fandom. It's too great!
Those are all absolutely amazing. I nabbed a few, but it was hard to choose!
You're so welcomed and thank YOU.
I nabbed an icon...may take a gif or two
Excellent choice. Thank YOU!
I had to grab some Raylan icons. Thanks for making them!
You're welcome!
I think I love you! ♥
And of course I'll credit. =)
*blushes* thank you for your comment ♥
Yes well...the third banner killed me...nicely done.

Love the icons and gifs...but I think my favorite it your icon...LOVE that moment...

Thanks for making and sharing!
*come back to life*

Thank you. It's a personal favorite as well =)

No problem at all.


7 years ago

i am here, raiding your gifs!


7 years ago

Snagged the Raylan gifs. They are really good.
I really like the pic you used in the last header, mind sharing the source?

Here you go. There were two different photos. I was cleaning my desktop and seems like I have accidently deleted the folder with my Justified photos. I'm so sorry. I'll try to find it asap...
I can't wait until you get to Raylan walks out of the hotel shirtless LMAO!
By chance do you mean of this scene?

I haven't started on the aired episodes so far but I'll get to them real soon!


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago

Okay I just died and went to heaven! These are stunning! Snagged many and will credit.
Does heaven have cable for new Justified tomorrow night? I hope so. Thank you.


7 years ago


7 years ago

I'm so excited to see some Justified avies. :-D Thanks so much. I snagged six of them - #'s 2, 3, 15, 31, 32, and 38.
I'm glad you like them. Thank you for your comment <3
i think i'm in love with you right now <3
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